Clarip is the next generation SaaS data privacy platform that helps brands minimize privacy risks and engage customers better.

Big data keeps getting bigger. The number of channels through which you interact with customers keeps growing. You need a solution to better handle the data privacy risks, increase transparency and gain customer trust. Clarip is a comprehensive data privacy platform for social, web, mobile, cloud app and IoT devices!

Increase Trust.

Offer a better user experience. Bring clarity + transparency

Engage Better.

Understand customer preferences and obtain consent seamlessly.

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Manage Risks.

Risk intelligence to uncover hidden software and vendor risks.

Comply with GDPR.

With Clarip, it's easy to comply with the GDPR regulation.

The power of Hybrid AI.

It is incredible what you can achieve when you combine human expertise with the processing power of machines and algorithms. Our platform is able to leverage machine learning, text analytics, and data science at the right proportions, while using human experts in privacy and technology at the right stages of the workflow to fine-tune the output.

The result: More accuracy + Meaningful / Actionable insights.

We bridge the gap.

Marketing wants to collect and harness the power of data to offer personalized experiences. Legal and Compliance wants to make sure everything is done by the books. IT/Operations is in between busy implementing and maintaining the websites and apps. It is always not clear to everyone what goes on at the other end. What if they all could benefit from the power of a unified technology designed to improve customer experience and drive business growth? Clarip is your answer!

A beautiful user experience.

Legal disclosure notices CAN be beautiful and simple.

Demonstrate clarity and transparency to your customers. Delight them with a wonderful user experience and make your privacy notices seamlessly change based on the device and channel it is being accessed from.

[ Just Copy & Paste ].

		// Get Customer preferences

		// Find Data isSharable{data_type}/{vendor_name}

		// Display Consent Form
		<script type="text/javascript"> var cid="7P87R11957414"; </script>
		<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Few lines of code... Privacy MANAGED.

Whether you are capturing customer consent and preferences or sharing data with a third-party vendor, it is easy to integrate our API with your existing websites and apps.

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Risk Intelligence starts with your website.


Your Apps depend on 3rd party APIs and cloud services. They in-turn depend on other services and APIs on the cloud. Together you have a land mine of cookies and tracking beacons sharing and leaking data, under your brand umbrella. Its' time to take a closer look.


Third-Party Cookies and Beacons monitored.

Our platform has information on over 25,000 third party cookies, trackers and beacons and if they are used on your website or app! Actionable intelligence that can help you mitigate risks and improve performance.

Your journey can be smooth if you...

Know your Vendors.

With over 1 million records in our breach DB, our algorithms can identify potential risks and warn you if one of your vendor or their partner had a recent data breach. So that you can stop sharing sensitive information - all with a click of a button!

Know your Assets.

Sometimes the greatest cyber risk lies within your products. Your assets are built using 3rd party cloud technologies and APIs - which in turn depend on other serivce providers. Knowing what's going on in your own backyard is critical.


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