Manage Vendor Risk.

Continuous vendor monitoring made easy

Proactively monitor vendor scripts and tags to understand what customer PII is being collected. Get alerts and block unauthorized data transfers. Track behavior over time and assess vendor quality and reputation.

One complete solution to manage vendor scripts and APIs across your enterprise.

Centralized Tracking.

Effectively Mitigate Vendor Risk.

all vendor information in one place

Track 1000s of Scripts

Automatically audit vendor scripts and APIs to determine anomalies and changes that impact risk.
fully automated vendor risk assessments

Proactive Monitoring

Automated rules monitor vendor activities and alert you when there is a risk of privacy breach.
track and report vendor risks and track compliance

Intelligent Analytics

Explore top vendors and their scripts. Monitor changes over time and gain insights.

Designed by Privacy Professionals

Detect and prevent
cross-border transfers

Privacy laws are complex and changing globally. Vendor data centers and their cloud service providers are located all around the world, making it hard to predict data flows. Clarip’s Vendor Monitor helps you identify top vendors and their activities via scripts, APIs, cookies, and other technologies. It’s time to take control.
Support global data privacy regulations

Why Clarip

Build organizational trust with proactive vendor monitoring and automation.

vendor onboarding

Vendor whitelists and Blacklists

Create a central vendor inventory to track risks on all your vendors. Manage risks based on rules and past actions.
track vendors with complete visibility

Monitor all Channels

Public facing websites, internal apps and sites, mobile apps, and other event registrations pages. Customer PII is flowing all across your enterprise. Its time to track all channels.
track vendor risk

Track Vendor Performance Over Time

Leverage automation and hybrid AI to watch for critical vendor changes over time. Trigger actions and notifications, automate tag blocking, and more.


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