Big Changes in Privacy and AI regulation: A look at the next 6 months.

Data and Time: June 27 at 2pm EST

  • Going live: AI & Privacy laws
  • The changing consent landscape
  • Federal versus State rights
  • Auditing data and AI governance practices
  • Tools to uncover, score, and mitigate risk


  • Andy Sambandam
    Entrepreneur, Technologist, Founder and CEO of Clarip
  • Michael Mango
    VP of Sales at Clarip


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clarip automated data mapping

Automated Data Mapping

Auto-Identify and Auto-Tag PII with a single scan

Clarip’s fully Automated Data Mapping Solution allows you to scan structured, unstructured and external systems to identify PII across your enterprise.

  • Fully automated scan technology
  • Proactive monitoring for PII over time
  • Get notified when PII changes
  • Real-time alerts when new PII sources are found
  • Comprehensive Data Map that automatically updates
clarip data risk intelligence and data scans

Data Risk intelligenceTM

Scans and identifies data risks across your enterprise.

Clarip gives privacy and governance professionals insights into data risks within their organization. Clarip’s technology runs scans on auto-pilot across external websites and internal data sources without compromising security.

Clarip’s Data Risk Intelligence allows you to:

  • Detect – Third-party cookies, beacons and trackers
  • Visualize – Privacy Matrix showing interconnectivity across your enterprise
  • Monitor & Track – Audit trail tracks changes immediately
clarip data subject rights fulfillment

End-to-End DSR Fulfillment

Clarip's Automated DSR Portal allows your customers to take control of their privacy rights. DSR requests can be submitted by an individual, an entity, or on behalf of a requestor. The platform utilizes branded and configurable forms that match the look and feel of your websites and apps.

  • Auto generate reports and fulfill requests within seconds
  • Fully customizable intake forms to match your brand
  • Validate identity of the requestor in real-time
  • Pull information from multiple sources (internal DBs & external/cloud vendors)
  • Custom workflows based on request type (Access vs Delete vs Do Not Sell)
  • Audit trail keeping track of every activity in the workflow
  • Keep customers happy with real-time notifications
clarip data risk intelligence and data scans

Unified Consent + Preference Management

Clarip's Consent and Preference Management Module allows you to stay on top of privacy mandates, easily maintain an audit trail and adhere to regulations. Collect, manage and unify customer consent in one central location.

Clarip’s Data Risk Intelligence allows you to:

  • Fully Branded Consent Forms
  • Granular Preferences
  • Easily Import/Export Consent Data
  • Fully API Driven
  • Ability to grant consent throughout user journey
  • International and US Privacy Regulation Compliant

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