File Scanner.

Scan petabytes of data, faster.

Sensitive data is spread all across your enterprise, both on-prem and in the cloud. Millions of files of varying kinds (from spreadsheets and PDFs to documents and xml/JSON exports) linger around creating a massive nightmare for you to manage. It’s time to take control and automate scanning to discover, classify and tag PII on unstructured data.

Get Enlightened.

Uncover PII Risks Across the Enterprise.

discover hidden documents ands files

Discover Hidden PII

Sensitive customer data and personal information can be buried deep inside files and at unexpected locations. Easily uncover them!
fast scanning capabilities

Fast Scanning

Handling large datasets can be tricky. Clarip's fast scanning has elastic capabilities and indexing is done efficiently across petabytes of data.
support all files types

All File Types

Support not only for common file types such as PDFs, Excels, word documents and images, but also for obscure files, and JSONs, XMLs and legacy files.


Local and cloud
hosted file stores.

Your enterprise repository can be in your own sharepoint portal within your data center, or it can be a combination of local and cloud storage such as Azure or GCP or AWS. Easily scan files from S3 buckets to dropbox and more!
Support global data privacy regulations

Next Level of Maturity.

Proactive data cataloging and PII monitoring.

vendor onboarding

Automated scanning

Your file system is constantly changing. Schedule scans to run monthly, weekly or even daily.
match datasets and patterns

Training Data Sets

Your business use cases are unique. So is the data you are handling. Easily create training datasets and match patterns to find PII.
distribution of pii

Understand Distribution

Get granular and understand distribution of PII across various data sources and assess risk via executive dashboards.


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