Data ( Risk ) Intelligence

Introducing Privacy HUB. The most comprehensive enterprise privacy and data flow management software.

Manage all your data flow. Visualize and monitor risks. Stop data leaks. All in one unified platform with built-in workflow on the backend. Easily collaborate between IT, Marketing and Legal/Compliance teams.


Enterprise Privacy Management.

Done Right.

Enterprises have complex processes spanning across multiple internal applications and databases, as well as public facing assets. Customer data is flowing all over your ecosystem. Managing privacy requires a capability to see the full picture.

Clarip's Privacy HUB is the answer.

Spot Privacy Risks at a glance.

Easily identify privacy risks from Clarip's powerful visualization on the Privacy HUB. Catch piggybacking and other 4th party vendors. Identify wrongful data collection on specific pages. Track and eliminate vendors who have access to unauthorized data. Protect the privacy of your customers. Ensure vendor compliance with your privacy policies and regulation.

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