Do Not Sell / Do Not Share

my personal information.

Powerful, yet incredibly easy to implement DNSS solution to comply with CPRA, VCDPA and other privacy regulations.

  • Easily customize and provide notice of Right to Opt Out
  • Block unauthorized third parties
  • Detect and honor GPC signals and Opt-Outs
  • Manage what personal information is being collected from users
  • All with a click or two!
do not sell my personal information

Easily allow users to Opt-out of the Sale of Personal Information with the most powerful DNSS automation on the market.

Privacy is Freedom

The simple way for your customers to exercise their rights.

According to the CCPA, companies must offer an option of DO NOT SELL/SHARE (DNSS) via a link, popup or DSR form. Your company’s methods for submitting requests to opt out must be easy for consumers to execute and require minimum steps to allow the consumer to opt out. Clarip's solution makes it easy for organizations to implement DNS management in just hours!
create a do not sell my information link on my website
help customers to understand their Do Not Sell requirements

Multiple Integration Options

Fully customizable and blends in beautifully.

Easily integrate with your existing data rights form, or show a pop-up or a simple link that adopts your site design. A popup is triggered which allows customers to understand their Do Not Sell rights, exercise those rights, and begin limiting the collection of their personal information.

Why Clarip

A Better DNS Approach.

automatically fulfill do not sell requirements

Automatic Fulfillment

Immediately block all third-party cookies, beacons, pixels, and trackers with one submission.
configurable do not sell opt out of sale notice for customers

Notify external vendors.

Automatically notify all backend vendors via APIs and other means. Prevent re-targeting and unwanted solicitation by third-parties.
configure specific geolocation for do not sell opt out of sale notice

Geolocation Controls

Target specific geolocations, or enable DNS throughout the site for all visitors.

Geolocation Support

Control Enforcement Scope.

Marketing and Compliance can work together and decide on a non-intrusive user experience! Easily set and target a geolocation and limit the scope. Plus, integrate with your existing tag management tools.
integrate do not sell opt out of sale notice to tag management

Build Consumer Trust

Do Not Sell for Humans.

opt out of sale notice that improves customer engagement and trust

Persist opt-outs

Improve customer trust by persisting their choices across multiple devices and brands.
privacy notice with granular preference management

Detect GPC signals automatically.

Honor browser’s GPC signals and fulfill DNS requests while notifying vendors.
layered privacy policies are organized easy-to-read and meet privacy compliance

Support different user types

Anonymous users. Logged in users. Loyalty members. Employees. Support for different workflows for each user type.


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