Data Discovery.

Auto-scan your network & discover PII across data sources globally

Your data assets are constantly changing and evolving. Take a deep dive with automated discovery, tagging and classification of your sensitive data to meet regulatory requirements and build a culture of trust for your business. Find and extract information on any individual easily. Automate handshake between your IT and privacy/compliance functions to drive business value.

rotating earth

Find data assets, and discover personal and sensitive data in structured and unstructured data systems, across on-premise and multi-cloud.

Uncover Hidden Data Risks and Issues

Complete Data Discovery Across Structured, Semi-Structured, & Unstructured Data.

gather data assests into a single catalog

Catalog All Data Assets

Automatically tag personal & sensitive data attributes such as name, address, credit card number, social security number, medical record number and many more across structured & unstructured databases.
identify assets to their corresponding connectors

Discover Hidden Assets

Auto discovery allows you to find data sources that may contain PII or sensitive information in your network. Scan hundreds or thousands of IPs and ports and identify privacy risks easily.
discover and automatically categorize sensitive data

Access Better Tagging Controls

Take control & redefine data attributes as you like & build a stronger privacy governance program.

Next-Generation Enterprise Data Discovery

Most apps and databases covered.

Connect with thousands of cloud providers and cloud hosted databases with pre-built connectors and APIs. Easily extract information on any individual or customer to auto-populate reports. Delete or anonymize sensitive information as needed. All on auto-pilot!
Support global data privacy regulations

Data Insights for the Enterprise

Leverage Unified Data Discovery.

vendor onboarding

Turn Data Insights into Action

Shift the focus from simply understanding your data to taking action. A Single Source of Truth to deliver recommendations and mitigate risk in real-time.
vendor onboarding

Global Coverage

Detect & highlight special data attributes and PII specific to global regions as defined under GDPR, LGPD, China's PIPL, Canada’s PIPEDA, and US privacy laws.
track vendors with complete visibility

Continuous Monitoring

Automatically detect and report changes to data attributes. Observe and take action automatically based on preset rules.


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