Consent Management. Centralized.

Collect, manage and unify customer consent in one central location.

Clarip's consent manager allows you to stay on top of privacy mandates, easily maintain an audit trail and adhere to regulations.

Multiple Channels.

Seamlessly collect consent through simple and intuitive interactions.

Your customers are engaging with you across multiple channels, including IoT and third-party social media platforms. Each capable of collecting unique pieces of identifiers and data. With Clarip, you can seamlessly collect consent with simple, responsive and intuitive implementations (checkboxes, forms, Q&As, etc.)

Unified Consent + Preference

Marketing and Compliance CAN work TOGETHER. Finally.

By unifying preference management and consent management in one solution, you can continue to offer personalized experiences to your customers without getting on their way with additional consent notices.

Granular Preferences.

Human beings are complex. Their preferences evolve and change based on particular scenarios.

Understanding customer choice at a granular level allows you to engage better - which is proven to have a direct impact on revenue. Give customers (aka data subjects) greater control and visibility. It is no longer just opt-in or opt-out. Reduce blanket withdrawals by getting granular.

Real-time Audit Trail.

A central repository for consent.

All of your consent is maintained in a central database allowing you to easily streamline and support internal and external audits. Date and timestamp of the consent, where consent is given from (device or IP address), along with actual consent record is stored and made available - either as a report, or within a dashboard!


Dashboard has pre-built custom reports for both marketing and compliance stakeholders. Easily send these reports to regulators to show how you are interacting with data subjects.

Easy Export. (And Import)

A central repository for consent.

With a single-click or API call export consent data to other applications or CRM systems. Or simply download everything as a JSON or excel file. Also, easily import/load your consent records into Clarip!


What good is consent if you cannot properly enforce user preferences in other marketing initiatives?

With Clarip API, you can integrate other marketing and CRM systems to adhere to customer choices in real-time. Also maintain proof that you are enforcing and respecting customer privacy. EU regulators will love it.

Fully API driven.

Standards based REST APIs. Scalable.

Clarip consent platform is fully API driven. All functions are exposed through APIs making it easy for your developers to integrate with enterprise applications and systems.

Easy Integration. 1 line of code

Just copy and paste 1 line of code, or integrate with your tag management solution such as GTM (Google Tag Manager).

Fully Branded.

Custom consent forms.

Built from the ground-up consent forms and collection points are fully branded with your site or app’s look and feel. Everything come pre-built and ready to deploy, so you don’t have to do anything. If you choose, you can even supply your own CSS and control the user experience.

Your flow / checkout path.

Obtain consent from within your process flow.

With the Just-in-Time implementation option you can seamlessly record consent in your shopping cart or point of sale or any other customer interaction point.

Just-in-time Privacy Notices show customers your commitment to transparency as well as demonstrate "Privacy-By-Design" - Article 25 of GDPR requirement. Simple privacy pop-ups can be evoked only at specific pages leaving you with full control over the user experience!

Regulation / GDPR compliant .

The Clarip consent management solution along with privacy center and other offerings can help comply with the following:

Article 6

Lawfulness of processing
Article 15 - 17

Right of Access, Right to rectification, Right to be forgotten
Article 18

Right to restriction of processing
Article 19

Notification of rectification or erasure
Article 21

Right to object
Article 20

Right to data portability
Article 12

Transparency and modalities
Article 25

Privacy By Design

Private Cloud Architecture.

Single tenant. Consent database is not shared with anyone else. Fully private. Secure. End-End encryption. Customer data and PII stays within your enterprise, only consent/preference is stored with Clarip..

Scalable. High volume.

Designed to handle hundreds of millions of consent records. Grows and evolves based on your needs.

The Best Part - Pricing.

More savings on your bag! With flexible and transparent pricing options, you pay only for what you use. Clarip is the most cost effective solution for Universal Consent Management!


See these features in action!