Automated Data Mapping

Auto-Identify and Auto-Tag PII with a single scan

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Clarip is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based data privacy platform that helps companies and consumers manage data privacy. With machine learning, text analytics, and data science, Clarip makes it easier for consumers to understand what is going on, and for companies to get a handle on the piling data from multiple channels and sources. Using algorithms Clarip is constantly working and getting better to make data privacy manageable and just.

Our cloud native architecture helps enterprises scale on demand seamlessly. Clarip brings companies and consumers together and makes engagement better.


Consumers interact with hundreds of brands each year. There are tens of thousands of B2C and B2B2C brands out there. There are millions of words in those privacy policies and terms, and they change constantly as the number of channels and social media continue to grow. The amount of customer data that is gathered and shared is growing rapidly. Plus, software and IoT is collecting more data on its own.

Clarip’s machine learning algorithms and crawlers, collect and read millions of words.


Using Advanced Text Analytics algorithms based on rulesets and templates, Clarip analyzes and categorizes what data is collected and shared with third parties, what technology is used in a website or an app, what 3-rd party libraries are used, what advertising cookies are stored by default and lot more. From location tracking to social media behavior tracking, Clarip analyzes what is being done with data and how it is collected.


Using machine learning algorithms, Clarip intelligently fine tunes itself and analyzes when policies change, how often to crawl and decides what to do when something changes - like update a dashboard to help consumers better understand or return parameters to an API to help companies enforce policies across multiple channels, or automatically decide which vendors not to share PII information with.


Clarip’s Advanced NLG (Natural Language Generation) is designed to make things simple. Creating something simple is the ultimate form of sophistication. Unlike traditional NLG, whose source is large computer datasets in rows and columns, Clarip’s NLG processes complex legal language across thousands of websites and apps that is unstructured, in addition to reading thousands of lines of underlying code and simplifies them in human readable format. After all what good is a machine if can’t speak human?!

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Data breaches do happen. Every time when there is a data breach, it is likely a privacy breach. Clarip platform has information about most data breaches across the world in every industry. All data breaches are monitored and analyzed for the nature and severity. Using data science algorithms, risks are assessed and updated automatically across basic, sensitive, financial, health and behavioral data categories.


Clarip’s Hybrid AI platform is based on rulesets and templates, and input from human intelligence where it makes sense. With privacy and technology experts helping machine learning algorithms using proprietary processes and technology, the backend interaction is seamless - Love is in the air!

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Bottomline. It takes two to Tango!

In a nutshell, Clarip is a revolutionary AI data privacy platform that brings both companies and consumers together and makes engagement more social and intimate! By bringing clarity and transparency to the process, we help build trust which is critical for any relationship, business or otherwise.

boy blowing bubble with message that says 'data is growing exponentially from multiple channels - mobie apps, cloud, social and IoT apps'

Clarity. Transparency. Engagement. Trust.

The four pillars of the Clarip platform! Social Media and technology have changed the way we interact and communicate. We are "Always Connected". Our smart phones contain an average of 25 downloaded apps at any given time. Our personal data is collected and shared every day. Our behavior is monitored, and location tracked. Granted these make our lives easier. But there is nothing more important than transparency and trust if we want to continue down this path!

boy blowing bubble with message that says 'data is growing exponentially from multiple channels - mobie apps, cloud, social and IoT apps'

As a consumer, you and your family interact with numerous brands. From social media to retail/online shopping to health/fitness apps to insurance to Smart thermostats and TVs to connected cars, there are hundreds of brands and third parties that handle personal information. Clarip's technology allows you to see from the bird's eye view on what’s happening with your data in one single place, in an easy-to-understand format!

Clarip brings clarity to the ecosystem.

It's a Win-Win Solution!

On the other side, businesses deal with data collected via 10+ channels from thousands or even millions of customers - each with their own set of preferences. Often this data needs to be shared with technology providers and third parties during the normal course of operations. There is nothing more important than customer's trust and better engagement to remain successful. Clarip's platform allows brands to give choices to consumers, manage data privacy risks, and helps companies turn Big Data into Smart Data that is actionable! From real-time event-based response for data breaches to implementing compliance strategies, using Clarip APIs and frameworks businesses can reduce risks, engage better and gain customer trust!