Manage Vendor Risk.

Continuous vendor monitoring made easy

Proactively monitor vendor scripts and tags to understand what customer PII is being collected. Get alerts and block unauthorized data transfers. Track behavior over time and assess vendor quality and reputation.

Simplify Vendor Monitoring for all websites and apps across your enterprise.

Single Source of Truth.

Effectively Mitigate Vendor Risk.

all vendor information in one place

Centralized Reference Point

Centralize vendor information for all to include all third-party integrations.
fully automated vendor risk assessments

Powered by Automation

Use automated workflows to simplify vendor risk assessments and intelligently flag risks based on your custom scoring methodology.
track and report vendor risks and track compliance

Intelligent Reporting

Continuously monitor vendor risks and track compliance metrics over time with in-depth and stakeholder-ready dashboards.

Designed for Execs

Supports hundreds of regulations & frameworks

Our Vendor Risk Management software is adaptable to global requirements, flexible to your needs, and trusted by thousands of companies across every industry.
Support global data privacy regulations

Why Clarip

Build organizational trust with proactive vendor compliance.

vendor onboarding

Automate Vendor Onboarding/Offboarding

Create a central vendor inventory to track relevant information on all your vendors. Prioritize your inventory and identify risky vendors.
track vendors with complete visibility

Enhanced Vendor Visibility

Track mitigation efforts to demonstrate program improvement with delta reports.
track vendor risk

Track Vendor Risk &
Performance Over Time

Leverage automation and AI to watch for critical vendor changes over time. Trigger actions or notifications, automate expiration tags, and more.


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