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Data Flow Analyzer.

Explore customer journeys multiple levels deep on your sites and gain actionable intelligence. Monitor and prevent unauthorized data flows with vendors in real-time.

Monitor and prevent unauthorized data flows from vendors and third-party trackers with actionable intelligence

Easily Opt-out of the Sale of Personal Information with the most powerful platform on the market.

Privacy is Freedom

Find the vendors collecting customer data.

A key challenge for any organization is keeping track of all vendors and managing the points of access that vendors have into the organization’s information assets.

New software, app and website features rely on third-party or open-source software, APIs and libraries, increasing the challenges of monitoring every vendor who may be receiving the organization’s data.
accurately find the vendors collecting and sharing your customer data
identify thousands of data elements across multiple data sources

Do Not Sell made easy

Identify data collected by those vendors.

Clarip's Data Flow Analyzer identifies, with certainty, thousands of data elements across tens of thousands of URLs that are being shared with various vendors with and without your permission.
Take Control.

Why Clarip

Discover third-party vendor habits.

full view of cookies beacons pixels tags and trackers

Vendor Visualization

Gain deep insight into how vendors interact with your websites and apps.
complete understanding of user data journey

Data Flow Paths

Experience the complete user data journey.
identify destination of user data

URL Destinations

From source to destination, identify potential cross border data transfers.

Global scalability

Actionable executive risk reports.

The Data Flow Analyzer offers powerful executive reporting - the Vendor Data Share Report and Resource Chain Report. Present who your site is sharing data with, and the fourth party vendors accessing that same data.
executive reporting of vendor data sharing

Build Consumer Trust

Keep your third parties & organization compliant.

better understand how your websites interact with vendors

Know your third-party vendors

Some third parties may themselves be utilizing a third party without your knowledge or consent, providing additional challenges to compliance.
better understanding of the whole vendor process

Holistic approach to third-party relationships

Look at the whole vendor data collection process and determine your highest-risk third-party relationships.
Centralize vendor due diligence assessments

Vendor Due Diligence

Automation and human review. Centralize vendor due diligence assessments. Eliminate time-consuming inventory surveys and reduce the risk of fines.


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