Revenue Impact Calculator

Use the following calculator to determine the impact of adding Clarip technology and Privacy seal to your website!

This calculator uses a conservative estimate of (0.50%) increase to your existing conversion rate. If you have an average sales volume of 100-200 transactions per month, even with a slight increase, you could be making several thousand dollars in additional revenue every year! Addressing the privacy and trust issues, (using our privacy solutions) will have a tremendous positive impact on your business!

Number of Website Visitors / month:
Average # of transactions / month:
Average transaction amount ($):

Current monthly revenue: 
Current conversion rate: 

Conservative Projection
(0.50 %) increase in conversion rate:

New Sales generated / month:

Additional Monthly Revenue:
Total Yearly Revenue:
Actual results are likely to vary depending on many factors including your industry segment, market conditions, competition, product quality, product/service price-value ratio, sales methodology etc. In general third-party trust seals are known to increase conversion rates. We believe Clarip privacy technology will help increase your overall conversion rate.