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Clarip helps SaaS companies minimize data privacy risks and engage customers better.

The underlying technologies used by Cloud/SaaS product companies collect massive amounts of data, ranging from behavior data to sensitive financial data - which often flows through multiple channels and devices, and is accessed by vendor partners. A generic privacy policy is no longer enough or even applicable. Your business is non traditional. So why stick to the old ways and expose yourself to significant risks and fines from regulatory agencies? Clarip platform helps get "explicit consent" tailor-made for SaaS businesses and publish simplified next-generation disclosure notices.

There are still thousands of potential customers out there who are concerned about data security and privacy. They have not adopted cloud technologies yet. Clarip's privacy certification program is designed to tackle those trust issues and help increase your revenue by addressing these untapped sales opportunities.

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The most cost effective solution for cloud and internet companies to minimize data privacy risks and implement new ways to engage customers.


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Cloud and Big Data technologies exponentially increases privacy risks for every organization.
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