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Clarip is a privacy and engagement platform that helps retailers increase trust and online conversions.
Consumers have more than 25 apps on their mobile phones yet they are active only on a handful of them. Research has shown, they use ad blockers and turn off location tracking more often than retailers tend to think. Consumers care about privacy, BUT are also very social. It is possible you can strike the balance between respecting their privacy and offering better products and services. Clarip helps retailers, online merchants and consumer goods companies, to manage customer privacy and preferences.

When you engage more, you win.
Clarip offers you a new way to engage with your customers. The platform allows you to set granular level engagement preferences and run a program to keep them actively engaged. Since the central theme is focused on privacy and customer choices, they are likely to respond better. You can send varying message types and offers tailor-made to individual customers.
Increase Website Conversions.
Independent research by many third party firms, show the industry average for online conversion is just around 2-3%. This would indicate that 97-98% of your website visitors are leaving your site without buying. Increasing the conversion rate even slightly will have a dramatic impact on the overall revenues and lead generation.

Clarip offers a Privacy Certification and Trust Seal program designed to address privacy and trust concerns among site visitors. Check out the ROI and Conversion calculator to see how this can impact revenue for your organization.

Better Trust = More Conversions
Clarip can help you develop best practices and provide guidelines for managing risk and handling data safely.

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