Privacy Risk Monitoring and Vendor Data Flow Intelligence

Data Risk Intelligence

Privacy Risk Monitoring + management for websites

A typical website has hundreds of beacons and cookies from third parties.
Many of them have access to customer personal information as well as behavior data.

Quick Scan. Uncover risks in real-time!

Quick Scan. On-Demand.

Spot check and stay on top of privacy risks

With Clarip's Quick Scan tool, you can scan your public facing assets for privacy risks and see results in seconds! A powerful data flow map is created helping you visualize all third party activity!

Scan at regular intervals.

Run Scans, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Things change over time. Your vendors can track and collect additional data. New beacons, cookies and trackers appear on your site. It is important to monitor and stop data leaks at regular intervals.

With Quick Scan, you can scan at preset times and review results, or get alerts.

Tagless Integration and Implementation.

You can run scans on your websites without any tag or code. No integration necessary! All done externally from our systems - You simply login and see the results!

Exceptional Value.

More savings on your bag! We made it "no-brainer" pricing - Now it is easy to monitor privacy risks.



See a quick scan and all features in action!