Just-in-Time Privacy Notices - Simplified Privacy Policies

Your customers are humans

They don’t have time to read thousands of words to understand your privacy policies.

It’s time to change, for the better.

Clarip's Privacy Notice for Humans converts your legal privacy

notices into simple plain english format for people. The Result:

Better customer experience.


A layered approach to Privacy Disclosures

Better experience for your customers.

By demonstrating clarity and transparency you can improve TRUST. With Clarip you can simplify privacy notices easily, and offer meaningful disclosures. Simple and straight to the point. The layered approach which is also being recommended by the EU, ICO and other leading privacy organizations, is also being adopted by the Fortune 500.

Customers have basic questions.

You have legal answers.

Answer simple questions in a simple manner. Not all of your customers are attorneys. Less then 0.5% of the population has a law degree. Why write for them and ignore the other 99.5% of the customer base?

Automatically convert your existing legal disclosure notices into customer friendly format.

Just the stuff they need to know.

What. How. Whom.

Clarip’s simplified privacy policy AKA Privacy Wrapper shows what data is collected, how it is used and with whom it is shared with. All in a clean interface.

Matching your design, style and branding!

Full Legal version. Maintained intact.

A simplified policy does not replace your full legal disclosure notice. It is merely a wrapper with links to your full legal version - which is maintained intact in its original form.

Change Management

A central repository for all policies.

Make changes. As often as you like. The revision history feature maintains all of the old versions automatically, allowing customers to go back and see what has changed - offering full transparency to them. Designed to improve trust.

Just-in-Time Notices.

Have a large website? Multiple sites / Products / Brands / Domains? Based on what data is being collected and shared, Clarip’s JIT (Just-in-Time) Privacy Notice can popup the appropriate notice during check out or on the pages you specify. In real-time you can easily show users what is going on in that page, and what data is being captured.

From mobile apps to email newsletters to e-commerce checkout pages to IoT devies..

Easy Integration and Implementation.

With a single line of code, or tag, you can easily deploy this on your websites.

The Best Part - Pricing.

More savings on your bag! We made it a "no-brainer" pricing - Now it is easy to bring clarity adn transparency to your customers. Fits well with our mission!


See these features in action!