Preference Management and Engagement Platform

Rethink Marketing.

New channels are making email look like dinosaurs.

Customers are becoming blind towards traditional email marketing messages. Most emails gets deleted without being read. How can you make your marketing more impactful?

It's time to leverage new social media channels, AND text messaging with proper consent! We help you connect when and where it matters most. We bring Better Engagement through Preference Management!

Clarip empowers marketing officers to deliver more, by getting user consent through our innovative privacy platform.
Engagement is the key to success. The Clarip platform has features that allow you to connect with customers in many different ways. Clarip helps your customers set granular level preferences across all the channels, with varying levels of preferences, designed to increase engagement on a regular basis.

Double the engagement.
With Clarip, you can double the customer engagement in a short period of time. Smart phones and social media have revolutionized how we do business. The number of channels and interaction points has grown significantly. You need a strategy to make most out of your Omni-channel marketing efforts. The Clarip platform offers you new entry points into the customer mindset while helping marketing significantly reduce data privacy risks.
Get the most out of Big Data Analytics.
What good is big data analytics, if you are afraid to act on its insights? Or worse, if you act on it without consent and get into compliance trouble. Schedule a demo today to see how clarip can help get most out of your big data analytis.
Get the most out of your marketing budget.
Increase Conversions.
Marketing budgets are always scarce. You need to get most out of your marketing budget. Is your shopping cart performing like it should? Is your online lead generation delivering the results you need? Do you know if your conversion rate is on par with the industry standards? Research shows that over 85% of people say they are concerned about their privacy. Many even have fake or temporary email addresses setup to enter in online forms. You need to tackle these concerns head on and address them, if you want to get quality leads. The #1 concern for Website visitors is data privacy and security. Clarip helps you address that. Our platform offers a privacy certification and trust seal program that can help increase conversion. Check out our conversion calculator and see how Clarip’s privacy program can impact your revenue.
Fully Branded. Ready to deploy.
We understand how important branding is for an enterprise. Our platform offers fully brandable custom landing pages and microsites that have the consistent look and feel of your website or current assets.