IoT Privacy Platform

Clarip platform enables IoT devices and apps manage Data Privacy.
When devices get smarter they generate lot of data. According to Gartner, 6.4 billion devices will be in use in 2016. Cisco research shows IoT will generate 400 trillion GB of data yearly by 2018. Its time for companies to get smarter and start managing the privacy risks associated with big data and IoT. This is NOT a consumer issue. This is a critical business issue. Even if you are not an IoT vendor or device maker, if your company interacts with data flowing through these devices and/or third party cloud service providers (which is highly likely), your organization is at risk.

IoT devices are capable of collecting, transmitting, and sharing highly sensitive information about consumers’ health and habits. Apps connected to IoT, health and fitness, and wearable devices typically share data with many third parties even without the knowledge of the host. Using open source and 3rd party libraries while building apps may be necessary for your design/strategy. But understanding what data is collected (such as persistent device identifiers, workout routines, eating habits, length of exercise, medical search histories, zip code, gender, and geo-location, etc.), and communicating to customers is extremely important. Clarip platform makes this very easy!

FTC has outlined many recommendations in their IoT study in 2015. The following key points are important for any organization handling customer data in the IoT world.

Minimize data collection: It is important to minimize data stores by determining up front what data could be truly useful from a business standpoint, and then limiting how much will be collected and retained.
Disclosure: Give users notice and choice about how their data will be used and with whom it may be shared using.

Even if the device does not have an user interface, with the Clarip platform you can integrate API calls and collect consent via a website. This can be easily embedded in the product packaging.

Clarip can help you develop best practices and provide guidelines for managing risk and handling data safely. The business opportunities of the IoT are exciting and transformational, and Clarip can help your business take advantage of them.

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