Clarip Privacy Seal: Revenue Impact Calculator

Use the following calculator to determine the impact of adding Clarip Privacy seal to your website!

On an average this calculator uses a conservative estimate of 10 basis point (one-tenth percentage) increase to your existing conversion. If you have an average sales volume of 100-200 transactions per month, even with a slight increase, you could be making several thousand dollars in additional revenue every year! Addressing the privacy and trust issues, (through our privacy solutions, along with expert advice on user experience for your website) will have a tremendous positive long term impact on your business!

Number of Website Visitors / month:
Average # of transactions / month:
Average transaction amount ($):

Current monthly revenue: 
Current conversion rate: 

Conservative Estimate
1/10 (one-tenth %) increase in conversion rate:

New Sales generated / month:

Additional Monthly Revenue:
Total Yearly Revenue:
Actual results will vary depending on many factors including your industry segment, market conditions, competition, product quality, product/service price-value ratio, sales methodology etc. In general third-party trust seals are known to increase the overall conversion rate.