Clarip Features Overview

The road to customer trust starts here. Demonstrate Clarity + Transparency.

  • Simplified Privacy Policy helps customers easily understand what's collected and shared
  • Hosted Privacy Policy with version control features shows transparency, improves Trust
  • Multi-policy support enables accurate disclosure. Unique PP per brand, Mobile App, Web, etc.
  • Privacy Certification and Trust Seal increases conversion.
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Better Engagement. Manage preferences across multiple channels and get user consent.

  • Fully branded, custom landing pages and microsites tailored for your business
  • Custom workflows and rules for multiple channels - Social media, mobile, web, and IoT
  • Get consent for behavior and location tracking and more
  • Dashboards and reports offer powerful insights on your customers
  • Exporter lets you easily export preference data or lists of users who agreed to share data, etc.
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Effective Policy Automation.Enterprise-wide Policy Management is easy.

  • Interactive UI lets you set policies for data privacy that best fits your organization
  • Easily add and manage Vendors and 3rd parties and set rules for each one of them
  • Easily add and manage Apps, Channels and Products and set rules
  • Powerful REST APIs automatically return your policies to other applications
  • Integrate with your company websites, Apps and products to make them adhere to enterprise policy
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Understand what's collected for real.Tackle Software and Shadow IT risks.

  • Holistic view on your software inventory
  • Understand What's being collected or captured automatically by each software used in your organization
  • Advanced threat reports show data privacy risks for your organization based on your current software inventory
  • Develop "Disclosure Notices" in line with reality
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Event-Based Response.Minimize Risks and respond faster during data breaches.

  • Implement custom rules for data breaches
  • With a simple switch you can turn off data collection during security breaches minimizing privacy risks
  • Reduce per-occurrence fines and costs with effective policy management

Dispute Resolution Platform.Quickly resolve privacy disputes.

  • Simple platform for customers and end-users to log privacy violations and concerns
  • Specific workflow for Kids privacy violations
  • Reduce litigation costs by engaging to customer concerns very early in the process
  • Admin portal to manage and respond to violations

Better Compliance with Privacy Frameworks.Comply with local and global laws.

  • Respond to compliance requests from regulatory agencies quickly and efficiently
  • Understand the ever-evolving local and global privacy laws and regulations
  • Comply with GDPR requirements for disclosure and consent and "Privacy By Design" approach
  • Benefit from our comprehensive best practices and standards on Data Privacy

Integrations and Offers.Easily integrate with other platforms and target custom offers.

  • Roll out custom offers based on user consent
  • Increase sales through cross-selling and up-selling while respecting privacy
  • Integrate with loyalty programs and other platforms
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