Healthcare Privacy and Engagement Platform

Clarip platform helps healthcare companies and mobile apps minimize and manage data privacy risks.
HIT (Healthcare IT) revolution started few years ago, and since then have resulted in amazing innovations that bring positive change into many people’s lives. What started with simple EHR (Electronic Health Records) has now evolved into sophisticated mobile health/fitness apps, and wearables that monitor a series of conditions and activities. Data flow between patients and brands has increased ten-fold in the recent years. Even your shoes now gather and share data.

Healthcare organizations – ranging from physician practice groups to large, multi-state hospital systems, to health insurers to telemedicine and fitness app companies – face a variety of HIPAA data privacy risks. Depending on the type of healthcare provider, patient mix and the technology platforms used, a company’s risks will differ. A hospice has a very different profile than a physician group. A hospital has a different risk profile than health insurer. A health app used for scheduling appointments and reminders has a different risk profile than a mobile app collecting blood sugar levels, and so on.

The design and implementation of an effective healthcare compliance program is very difficult and requires technology know-how, resources and a real leadership commitment. In many cases, healthcare companies, big and small, don’t comprehend the pace of innovation and data collection that is happening right under their noses. They fail to recognize the need for continuous assessment and improvements.

As more consumers purchase and use wearable tech, media coverage regarding the data collection and sharing practices increase. If consumers begin to realize they unknowingly expose themselves to potential data breaches, and to ways their data may be legally used, you risk potential lawsuits – not to mention negative press. It is critical to educate customers about data collection practices and obtain their consent. The benefits often outweigh the risks - customers are more social and willing to share – but disclosure and consent are the key factors. And, they need to evolve with technology.

The number of channels people interact with has increased. The email opt-out form that was designed for the 90s is not longer sustainable. Technology partners and outsourcing vendors do NOT have the expertise in data privacy. Mobile health apps are not covered under HIPAA – thereby exposing additional risks for an organization. You need a partner who understands Data Privacy and whose core business is Privacy Technology.

Clarip can not only reduce the risk, but help companies build privacy and security into their existing development processes. Clarip platform and solutions customized for healthcare, can help organizations increase patient engagement and remain competitive.
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